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Đầu đọc thẻ từ tầm xa UHF SLU-360

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Đầu đọc thẻ tầm xa UHF SLU-360: UHF RFID Integrated Card Reader and Writer SLU-360


Introduction and Application:


UHF RFID card reader is an important way of information data automatic identifying and inputting,it is a comprehensive technology base on computer and communication technology.The automatic identification technology develop quickly in recent years,which consist of barcode technology,magstripe technology,RF technology,optical character identification technology,biometrics identification technology and UHF RFID reader etc.

Usually,UHF RFID reader has high sensitivity.In some system,receiving and transmitting of UHF RFID reader is mutually independent,especially when uplink signal frequency is different from downgoing signal.

Generally,transmitting power 100mW-500mW is applicable to all kinds of UHF RFID reader. UHF RFID reader has many advantages of more protocol supporting,fast reading,more lables identification,circular polarization antenna and compact design. This reader is widely used in all kinds of RFID system.


☆ Logistics and Warehouse management;
☆ Parking control system;
☆ Manufacturing management;
☆ Products anti-counterfeiting detection;
☆ Other field: club management,library,student schoolrolls,attendence management and swimming pool system etc.



Low power, stable reading and writing distance;

Fast datas reading speed;

More labels be read at same time;

More protocols supporting;

Compact design and waterproof.




Working Frequency:National standard(920~925MHz)、America standard (902~928MHz) or customize other frequency.

Support Protocol:ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)

Frequency Hopping: FHSS or fixed frequency set by software

Working Way:automatically reading card at regular time,can set reading card way

Frequency Power:0~18dBm,be adjusted by software

Reading Distance:1~5 meter

Reading Sensitivity:unipolarized reading

Reading Speed:one label 64bit ID number

Antenna:build-in linear polarization antenna, gain 12dB

Interface :RS485、RS232、Wiegand26、Wiegand34、TCP/IP(customize)、CANBUS(customize)

Working Voltage:DC+12V

Working Status Indication:buzzer



Working Temperature:-20℃ ~ +80℃

Storage Temperature:-40℃ ~ +125℃

Working Humidity:20% ~ 95%(no condensing)




Using Explanation:


The UHF RFID reader start to work when the buzzer makes a sound,when the tag approach the reader,the buzzer makes a sound again to indicate transmitting datas.The time interval which between two times of reading one IC card is set by software.After read card, the IC card will not make any indication and not transmit datas if it is still in RFID reader field,but if exceed the time interval,or other ID cards in RFID reader filed, the reader will read cards and transmit datas.

The UHF RFID reader use radio influence technology,avoid to approach the metal as far as possible when using it.The radio wave will be affected by metal and reading distance will be shorted when reader approach to metal.The UHF RFID reader installation position should be far away from motor and transformer etc, to reduce the impact on reader.



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