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Barcode Verifier RJS INSPECTOR D4000

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The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification; ANSI Method and/or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method This unique portable bar code verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to provide nine different optic configurations. The scanners are easily installed by the user, which makes the unit quickly adaptable to practically any verification requirement.
Laser Mode Operation
A D4000 incorporating a laser scanner is an extremely easy to use point-and-shoot verifier – basic scanning instructions are placed on the scanner. It requires virtually no user training and analyzes most of the essential traditional verification parameters.  It also provides the ANSI method Decodability calculation and percent of decode information.
Popular applications include verification on materials requiring special considerations such as shiny, curved or uneven surfaces and wet ink. High density codes with X dimensions as narrow as 5 mil (.13 mm) can be also analyzed

Modes of Operation

  • ANSI Mode; all ANSI method parameters, application compliance, plus traditional analyses
  • Laser Mode; traditional parameters (except reflectance), data comparison, percent decode

User Interface

  • Simple 4 button: On, Print, Select, Enter
  • 4-line LCD
  • 5 LED’s - indicate average bar deviation

(both modes)

  • Audible tones indicate pass/fail results,

low battery


  • Code 39; USS, w/mod43, AIAG B-1, B3/4/5/10, LOGMARS, HIBC
  • UPC/EAN including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
  • Code 128; USS, UCC/EAN 128 (see Unique ANSI and Laser Mode Features)
  • USS Codabar
  • Interleaved 2 of 5; USS, Case Code,

w/ Mod 10 Check Digit

Optional Accesorries

  • Printer: TP140A
  • Battery charger (can be AC power supply

w/batteries out of unit)

Unique ANSI Mode Features

  • Auto-Optic Scanner: Two available models;

3, 5, 10, 20 mil or 3, 6, 10, 20 mil

  • Two light wavelengths: 660 and 925 nm
  • UCC/EAN 128 Application Identifier (AI)

data format check; AI 00 and 01 only


  • Auto-discrimination between symbologies
  • Store and Print capability
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Multiple scan averaging
  • Percent of Decode displayed on lower two

Unique LaserMode Features

LCD lines (Continuous setting only)

  • UCC/EAN 128 Application Identifier data

format check; all AI per current specifications

  • Store and print and/or database capability;

20K bytes non-volatile memory

programmable in 5K byte segments



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