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Thiết bị kiểm soát ra vào chấm công dùng thẻ RFID 125 Khz/Mifare Pegasus PP-6750

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Thiết bị kiểm soát ra vào chấm công dùng thẻ RFID 125 Khz / Mifare Pegasus PP-6750

Proximity reader / Acess Controller / Time Attendance system with keypad, RS-485 or RS-232C, LCD display, surface mounted, 6000 users, 8000 events

PP-6750VL/N: 2000 users, 1000 events

PP-6750VM/N: 30000 users, 10000 events

PP-6750VN/N: 11000 users, 32000 events

PP-6750VP/N: 11000 users, 8000 events

Xuất xứ: Pegasus (Pongee - Taiwan) - Hỗ trợ dự án, C/O, C/Q đầy đủ



137(L) x 85(W) x 29(H)mm


340g± 5%

Power supply

DC 12V±10%, 80mA~100mA(not include power requirement for lock & alarm)

Transmission rate

Default 9,600 bps N,8,1(2,400/4,800/19,200bps)(38,400)

Operating temperature

0℃ ~ 70℃

Operating humidity



3 × 4 keypad for system programming, pass word entry or duty code selection.


Programmable 4 digits PIN for each person

Serial interface

RS-485 & RS-232

Serial output

1. For connection with serial printer.
2. To drive DDR (digital door relay) for secure assess control function.
3. To drive 8/24/48/64 relay output modules for lifts access control
4. Bountiful application functions requested by customer

Events/ Card capacity

(1) K Series: 1,000 card capacity,500 events.

(2) L Series: 2,000 card capacity,1,000 events.

(3) M Series: 30,000 card capacity,10,000 events.
(4) N Series: 11,000 card capacity,32,000 events.

(5) P Series: 11,000 card capacity,8,000 events.
(6) X Series: 32,000 card capacity, 32,000 events.

Other capacity combination requested by order

Card standard

EM 125KHz / Mifare 13.56MHz(ISO 14443A or ISO 14443B)(Depending on order)
Wiegand 26/34 bits port for any kind of reader
※ Support customized card.

External reader

With one or optional two port for external Wiegand (26/34 bits definable by command) & ABA input(by order)